Established in 2010 by Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova, Typedepot is an independent type design studio currently operating out of Sofia, Bulgaria and Berlin, Germany.

What began as a side-project while both of us were working at a digital agency has grown into a true labor of love that we couldn’t be more proud of. Our shared passion for graphic design and typography gave us a strong foundation to build on, as well as the patience to overcome any initial stumbles and emerge stronger.

Since the founding of Typedepot more than a decade ago we have continuously strived to produce simple, elegant and functional typography that our community can rely on. We take our time in developing each and every release, following the age-old mantra that quality means more than quantity.

One of our main goals in the very beginning was to have a digital sanctuary of our own, a place where we could showcase all our projects to the world and gain valuable knowledge in return. With that in mind, we are honored to welcome you to the new Typedepot home on the web, and we look forward to working with you!

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For questions concerning font licensing, pricing, technical questions and for general enquiries please write or call us..

Sofia, Bulgaria
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