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    Weightless Enamel
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Rounded slab serif typeface born out of naivity and youthful innocence. Now 10 years after its initial release Piron comes back, matured, confident and stronger than ever with larger Character Set, full Cyrillic support and an additional weight: Piron TW. 

While keeping its display nature, Piron makes the leap forward to become a versatile tool for use in both large copy and short bursts of text.  

  • Information

    Designed by: Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova

    Published in: 2021

    Current Version: 3.000

  • Available Scripts

    Cyrillic, Extended Latin

  • Styles and Character Set

    Comes in 3 styles, Normal/Stencil - 518 Glyphs, TW - 2057 Glyphs

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  • Piron Family

    All three weights of the Piron family

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