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Hold on to your hats, there’s a new orchestra in town - the Banda Nova!

This jack-of-all-trades was born as a purely display typeface, but quickly evolved its own trademark style featuring tall x-heights and smooth, rounded semi-serifs that draw the audience in.

Banda Nova is a crowd pleaser, feeling equally at home on the retail shelf as well as on the cover of your favorite magazine. The 7 weights included in the package offer a wide variety of styles, with delicate and elegantly thin weights morphing into cute, bulbous giants sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. This versatility makes Banda suitable for virtually any design project, including logos, headlines, covers, packaging and more.

We took the time to reimagine Banda in a special ‘2.0’ version, removing traces of our youthful naivety and expanding on everything that made it so good in the first place. 

Our team is proud to welcome back one of our earliest typefaces in a refreshed and much-improved rendition/adaptation, now featuring full Cyrillic support and almost twice the number of original characters. Are you ready to take center stage again?

  • Information

    Designed by: Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova

    Published in: 2021

    Current Version: 1.000

  • Available Scripts

    Cyrillic, Extended Latin

  • Styles and Character Set

    7 styles + Italics, 700 glyphs per weight

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    The Complete Banda Family of 14 fonts

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