• Centrale Sans Rounded
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    Tropical Galaxy
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The newest member of our font household comes equipped with a smile - meet Centrale Sans Rounded!

Absorbing all the delicious ingredients from its older sibling Centrale Sans, this typeface features seven weights plus matching italics, an impressive x-height and a ton of OpenType features - case sensitive forms, ligatures, alternatives, tabular lining and more. The instantly recognizable characters are friendly but informal, bringing with them a sense of affection and sincerity. Add some open apertures and rounded terminals to the mix and you’ve got just the thing your project needs to stand out among the crowd.

  • Information

    Designed by: Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova

    Published in: 2021

    Current Version: 4.000

  • Available Scripts

    Cyrillic, Greek, Extended Latin

  • Styles and Character Set

    7 styles, 890 glyphs Roman, 843 glyphs Italic

  • Related Fonts

    Centrale Sans, Centrale Sans Condensed

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    Centrale Sans Rounded Complete Family of 14 Fonts

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  • Centrale Sans Rounded

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