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With a warm and harmonious presence, Centrale Sans is more than just another modern sans serif typeface. Driven by its geometric nature, but distinguished through a multitude of humanistic features, it remains versatile due to the inclusion of open bowls and an extended width - an all-around workhorse for both small and large text sizes!

Centrale Sans offers a polished, contemporary appearance that is deeply embedded in the humanist tradition but also builds upon the legacy of more rationally constructed grotesque typefaces like Akzidenz Grotesk for example. The generous x-height and open apertures contribute to an overall/all-embracing sense of affection and sincerity while steering clear of the more saccharine qualities of authentic humanist typefaces.

Featuring nine weights ranging from Hairline to Extra Bold and matching italics to boot, Centrale offers a robust and powerful package with a myriad of OpenType features, including tabular figures, fractions, and stylistic alternatives. Thriving at the intersection of functionality and refined elegance, it has been one of our most popular creations/products and was chosen by global communications giant Philips as their official typeface, appearing both in print and on the web.

Over the past few years, our team has been hard at work in a quest to further improve this already jam-packed bundle, and its fourth iteration comes with a wide assortment of revisions and upgrades. For starters, we took the time and analyzed each glyph to better balance the overall font, particularly when it comes to spacing. Centrale Sans now supports Greek in addition to Cyrillic and Latin, with small caps now extending to all three scripts rather than just the latter.

 Curious about the individual heights? Need to make sure our ‘o’ is perfectly round? We’ve got you covered - just flip through the attached PDF to find all the relevant features, as well as selected examples and technical specifications.

  • Information

    Designed by: Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova

    Published in: 2021

    Current Version: 4.000

  • Available Scripts

    Cyrillic, Greek, Extended Latin

  • Styles and Character Set

    Comes in 9 styles + Italics with 827 glyphs per weight

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  • Centrale Sans Family

    The complete Centrale Sans Family of 18 fonts

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  • Centrale Sans

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