• Centrale Sans Condensed
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Please give a warm welcome to Centrale Sans Condensed - an elegant and stylish reimagining for one of our best-selling fonts!

Designed from scratch to be more than just a ‘crunched’ version of its bigger brother, this release nonetheless stays true to the type family’s defining traits - a slick combination of grotesque and humanist, with open apertures and a generous x-height. Approximately 15% narrower than the original, Condensed can be a real life-saver when it comes to efficient design with maximum legibility - think catalogs, dictionaries, and maps, among others.

Centrale Sans Condensed proportions

Don’t let the simple and clean appearance fool you - this package is full to the brim, with 18 fonts spread across 9 weights ranging from Hairline to Extra Bold, along with matching italics. This includes an entire depository of OpenType features such as arrows, stylistic sets, tabular lining figures, numerals, and more than 900 glyphs.

The Pro version includes Cyrillic support for Russian, Belarusian, Serbian, Macedonian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian, encompassing more than 200 million Cyrillic users. Bulgarian localization is included as an OpenType feature. This latest update also marks the debut of small caps and support for Greek, which joins its Latin and Cyrillic brethren as the third script in the Centrale Sans family.

Whether you’re looking to dabble into text, display, or a combination of both, Centrale Sans Condensed is a partner you can always count on for a friendly, functional, and humanist-inspired look that is guaranteed to turn heads!

  • Information

    Designed by: Alexander Nedelev and Veronika Slavova

    Published in: 2021

    Current Version: 2.000

  • Available Scripts

    Cyrillic, Greek, Extended Latin

  • Styles and Character Set

    Comes in 9 styles + Italics with 827 glyphs per weight

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    Centrale Sans

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  • Centrale Sans Condensed Family

    The Complete Centrale Sans Condensed Family of 18 fonts

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  • Centrale Sans Condensed

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